A lot of people beat themselves up for falling back into old habits during the process of creating new ones. This isn’t helpful.

What is helpful is to acknowledge that there’s a creature of habit inside of you who’s comfortable with things the way they are right now.

So, in the beginning you’ll need to put consistent effort into persuading the creature to do something new.

But remember, once you get over the initial hump of resistance, the creature will become your ally because in just a little while it will adopt the new habits and they will become effortless.

Here are three tips that will help you coax the creature of habit to do something new:

1. Stay focused on your why

Read your compass page at least once a day. The more you focus on why you are choosing to make changes the easier it will be to follow through.

2. Be firm

When you notice that you’re slipping into an old habit, try stopping in your tracks. Just stop and tell yourself with an encouraging voice: I know this is challenging, but I choose change right now and it’s going to be worth it. Then, tell the creature of habit to get out of the drivers seat, so you can take charge.

3. Listen to the audio track: ‘My body knows how to sleep’ every night for a month

It takes about a month to form a new habit. This track will help change your thinking, which will change your actions, and ultimately your experience of sleep.

It’s important to be kind to yourself during the process of change and to use the experience of going backwards to strengthen your resolve to go forward. So, if you do go back into old habits, ask yourself, how did that feel? Was it nourishing? Does the new way feel better?

By doing this, you’ll see more clearly that the new way actually feels better, which will inspire you to stay committed to the process of change.