Many of my clients have returned for their second session focused on the half empty glass—or what hasn’t changed yet—with a sense of disappointment because their sleep isn’t already perfect.

But maybe they’re already feeling more at ease and they’re getting an extra hour of sleep every night. Or they’re more energized during the day and able to relax more deeply in the evening.

I want to encourage you to focus on the steps you’ve already taken and the positive changes you’re already experiencing—these small improvements will accumulate and eventually add up to your being a great sleeper. It’s like a puzzle. Different pieces fall into place for different people at different rates.

Please be gentle with yourself, and remember that any change is something to feel proud of and grateful for. The more you appreciate the little steps you’re taking, the more inspired you’ll be to keep going.

Be on guard for thoughts like: This isn’t working, I’m not good at this, and I’ll never get there.

If these thoughts arise, remember that becoming a great sleeper is a process, not an event. Your body and nervous system are calming down out of high stress mode and adapting to new habits. You need a little time to adjust.

Trust that you are returning to a healthy rhythm of sleeping and waking and remember that the tiniest steps will get you anywhere you want to go, as long as you keep going!