Ready to sleep well and thrive?

Find out what's holding you back from quality sleep in a free 30 minute phone conversation

Ready to sleep well and thrive?

Find out what's holding you back from quality sleep in a free 30 minute phone conversation


Renew your life with deep, nourishing sleep

Once you've decided you want to sleep well, I'll guide you through a personalised sleep therapy program customised to your needs and schedule.

After discerning what's causing your sleeplessness, I'll support you to make the changes necessary to experience sustained improvement in your sleep, health, and life.

This includes addressing contributing factors in your mindset, lifestyle, environment, and diet. Along with giving you skills to minimise stress, calm your mind and shift into a state more conducive to sustained healthy sleep, and lasting peace.

I've been guiding people into healthy sleep patterns for 17 years – both in my private practice as a holistic sleep therapist and in group facilitation. My practical and holistic approach has formed through clinical observation, coupled with my recovery from burnout and chronic insomnia.

I look forward to guiding you out of exhaustion into vibrant wellbeing.

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Transform your sleep, transform your life

Improved health

Have you been struggling with your health? Lack of sleep causes physical, mental and emotional imbalances, which lead to illness. Our adrenals get stuck on overdrive and our nervous system becomes so highly stressed, life can seem unbearable.

All aspects of health improve once you get sufficient, quality sleep. The most common improvements are; increased energy, less anxiety, restored mental health, strengthened immunity, stable appetite, weight loss and improved digestion.

Restored relationships

It's likely life has become grey and listless, in the haze of exhaustion. Depression and high-stress are synonymous with insufficient sleep—which impacts our relationships and every moment of our precious lives.

Once your sleep is restored, you'll become more calm, confident and emotionally stable. Your capacity to relate to others with patience and kindness will increase, and you'll have deep trust in your ability to sleep well consistently.

Smarter work

If you're struggling to be efficient, productive, and on-time with deadlines, you're in the same boat as millions of sleep-deprived employees and business owners.

You'll get your mojo back in no time once you're sleeping well. Your brain will come back on-line and you'll have the ability to focus for extended periods of time. Efficiency will come easily and you'll be more organised and creative. Your communication will be clear, you'll enjoy contributing and best of all – you'll be easy to work with!