Great Sleep Makes Us Better

Better decision-makers, better leaders,
better all-round achievers


Ahna de Vena is a global sleep consultant. She specialises in seminars and keynotes that improve workplace productivity by teaching people how to sleep well.

It changes organisations. It changes culture. It changes lives.

Ahna works with organisations, government agencies and individuals, addressing the global health crisis of sleep deprivation. She has worked for international organisations in Geneva, including the International Labour Office and The Australian Mission. Her audio sleep guide currently features on Qantas inflight entertainment.

Ahna’s unique approach to sleep improvement is the result of two decades of clinical observation in her private practice as a holistic sleep therapist, group facilitation and her personal recovery from insomnia.

Wake up your business. Enliven your event.

Corporate Programs

Be a step ahead. Empower your workforce with practical tools for actualising true success. Ahna gives your people the clarity and energy needed to maximise personal potential and achieve organisational objectives. These practical trainings address the limiting issue of ongoing fatigue that's so common in high achieving business, yet often ignored. Give your business a boost, by boosting your team from the inside out.

Training tailored for your organisation
Customised to work within your existing learning framework or as a standalone module aligned to your business strategy.

Events and Retreats

Ahna’s talks and workshops enhance any event or retreat with a unique approach to a universal topic. With her engaging style and practical tips, Ahna offers life-changing content people need to make changes easily and immediately. In a world that never sleeps, give your audience the gift of greater wellbeing and an encouraging reminder of what’s truly important at the end of the day.

Customised presentations for your audience
1-3 hour tailored presentations that speak directly to attendees, leaving them empowered and inspired.

Think sleep isn't a huge issue?

In 2016 the Australian economy lost 17.9 billion dollars due to seven million sleep-deprived employees.

 - Report by Deloitte Access Economics 2017

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